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Who is Arrested Dr*nk Engineer: Craig Wylie Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Assaults, Charges and Investigations Reports

Craig Wylie Biography – Wiki

Craig Wylie is identified as the dr*nk engineer who touched two te*nage girls on a British Airways flight – grabbing one’s thighs and stroking the other’s hair, and  denied being taken to jail.

Craig Wylie
Craig Wylie

He is 28 years old.

Craig Wylie Personal Life

Wylie is from Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire. The 28-year-old was an engineer and had been out in Ghana for two weeks working, being dad-of-one.

Craig Wylie Found Guilty

Craig Wylie necked five pints before getting on board the aircraft from Accra, Ghana where he had been working, to London Heathrow and claimed to have no memory of the assaults.

The young engineer initially started having chat with his first victim while after she sat down next to him on the plane.

When the 17-year-old girl woke, she found Wylie’s hand on her thigh. She grabbed his wrist and threw the hand off. For the next time, she again found Wylie gripping her thigh when she woke up few minutes after.

He tried to put himself beside her but the girl moved away this time.

During the flight, another girl, 16, reported Wylie reached out from behind her and touched her hair, being friendly.

After a few minutes, she stopped talking to him. At 11.15pm, she found the man had his hand on her right thigh whe she woke up.However, she put it off her.

Craig Wylie Charged & Arrested

The sentence for both offences will be 26 weeks custody. The 28-year-old was arrested after landing back in the UK.

The suspended engineer was ordered to pay £750 compensation to each of his victims.

Investigation Reports

‘The male smelled of alcohol, one of the victims revealed.

At Uxbridge Magistrates Court, prosecutor Zara Khan said: “He said he had dr*nk five pints of alcohol before the flight. He likes to drink before getting on a flight as it helps him sleep”.

The custody threshold has been crossed, Chairman of the Bench Martin Ricketts confirmed.


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