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Who is De*d Popular Young Nurse: Jessica Breheny Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Personal Life, Death, and Investigation Reports

Jessica Breheny Biography – Wiki

Jessica Breheny is identified as the popular young nurse who died during her shift at a hospital in Perth, and had endured a secret battle with a highly-addictive painkiller.

Jessica Breheny
Jessica Breheny

Her age is not known yet.

Jessica Breheny Personal Life

The young-popular nurse was married to Conor Breheny. She also owned a successful floristry business. Her maiden name was Schouten.

Jessica Breheny Death News

Young Jessica Breheny was found dead in a hospital toilet two weeks ago.

Her mysterious death comes a year after she was suspended for four months for stealing fentanyl from the hospital for her own person use.

Fentanyl is a powerful drug that is used as a paink*ller and is highly addictive.

Mrs Breheny was described by a friend as someone who ‘loved hard, enjoyed life to its fullest … and gave everything she had to care for her patients’.

On 5th December, her body was found in a bathroom at the Joondalup Health Campus.

Investigation Reports

Her cause of death has not been revealed by the authortities yet, but it is being considered as stealthy.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia claimed Mrs Brehen had pleaded guilty to professional misconduct utilizing misappropriated drugs for puersonal use.

According to her reports, the nurse was remorseful about the incident and had been suffering with a mental disease.

“She suffered from medical conditions and at the time was acting in a new role and was struggling with a perceived lack of guidance and emotional and psychological support from her superiors”.

She was suspended for four months and made her pay $4k towards the board’s costs.

Facts You Need To Know

  • Fentanyl is estimated to be about 100 times stronger than morphine, and as well as relieving pain it also gives a sense of relaxed euphoria.  
  • According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, fentanyl interact with opioid receptors in the brain
  • It is prescribed in the event of chronic, severe pain as a result of cancer, nerve damage, back injury, major trauma and surgery
  • It is the same powerful drug that k*lled American singer Prince

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